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Neuma Technology Inc. provides the world's most advanced solution to manage the automation of the software development lifecycle.
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More than just SCM
A truly integrated development management solution

CM+ is an enterprise class Software Configuration Management solution that enhances the productivity of everyone on the software development team. With CM+ you reduce your development cycle times, manage complexity and keep a global accounting of changes, while at the same time cutting your costs for administration, deployment and infrastructure. CM+ combines a tightly integrated and extendable suite of applications in a common repository driven by the high-performance STS architecture.

Choose Enterprise or Professional depending on the breadth of organizational disciplines you need to cover. CM+ Professional offers change management, version control, configuration management, build and release management, problem tracking and project/activity management. CM+ Enterprise adds requirements management, document management and full process and application extensibility.

CM+ Enterprise Edition
CM+ Enterprise is Neuma's solution for Application Lifecycle Management. It provides the enterprise level tools you need to manage and automate your full software development lifecycle. From Program/Portfolio Management to Continuous Process Improvement ...
CM+ Professional Edition
CM+ Professional is Neuma's solution for Software Configuration Management. Sharing the same repository technology as CM+ Enterprise, the Professional edition gives you the management tools you need to assure timely, quality results and to support your software development disciplines from Activity Tracking to Build and Release Management.
CM+ MultiSite
CM+ MultiSite is an add on capability that lets organizations distribute their development teams across multiple remote sites while maintaining synchronized repositories of data that are locally accessible.

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