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Neuma Technology Inc. provides the world's most advanced solution to manage the automation of the software development lifecycle.
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CM+ MultiSite
Bring your teams together

CM+ MultiSite supports your geographically dispersed software engineering teams by continually synchronizing your full repository across globally networked sites. MultiSite lets your team grow by adding expertise from around the world. No longer is the makeup of the team determined by geography, but rather, through skill sets and experience.

CM+ MultiSite addresses the needs of any organization requiring software development at multiple sites:

  • Fortune 500 organizations with globablly dispersed software teams
  • Multi-organization software development projects
  • Outsourcing and contracted software development
  • Large-scale system development

CM+ MultiSite also lets you maintain a warm-standby, disaster recovery site for your repository. Users can switch immediately to the new site in the event their main site becomes unavailable.

CM+ MultiSite employs a fully automated transaction replication technology, which ensures that every repository transaction, whether a source-code change, new problem record, process change, or even a database schema change, is quickly replicated around the world. Users see global changes from any site as they occur and the performance of the CM+ Client at the remote sites equal to that of a client at the main site.

Learn more about the high performance STS architecture that drives CM+.

New sites can be added quickly and the whole system can be globally administered from a single location. CM+ MultiSite works over existing IP networks and includes built-in tolerance for network outages.

Neuma CM+ MultiSite Architecture