Neuma Technology: CM+ Enterprise Software Configuration Management for Application Lifecycle Management

Neuma Technology Inc. provides the world's most advanced solution to manage the automation of the software development lifecycle.
Neuma Technology Inc.

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CM+ Platforms

CM+ is a small footprint application that runs on a variety of platforms. Clients and servers are inter-operable on different platforms. Repositories can be migrated to new platforms simply by transfering the files.

Unix platforms supported include:

  • HP-9000-300/400/HP-UX 9.x or later
  • HP-9000-700/800/HP-UX 9.x or later
  • SUN/Sunos 4.2 or later
  • Sun/Solaris 2.3 or later
  • SGI/IRIX 4.0.5 or later
  • IBM RS/6000 AIX 3.2 or later
  • DG Aviion/DG-UX
  • Linux platforms
  • SCO Unix platforms
  • Any Unix Platform supporting X11R5 or later and Motif 1.2 or later

Windows Platforms supported include:

  • Windows/NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista, Windows 7
  • Windows 95, 98 (Server operation not recommended)

Other clients through Web interface or through X11 protocol software