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Neuma Unveils CM+ Integrated Workspace Plug-in

Ottawa - April 17, 2003 - Neuma Technology today unveiled its Workspace plug-in for using CM+ directly from the File System Explorer of Windows platforms. The Workspace technology permits users to interact with CM+ through operations available directly on the (right-click) pop-up context menus of a file browser window. When a directory tree is designated as a CM+ workspace, additional menu items appear that permit operations such as check-out, check-in and deploy from the CM+ tool.

This means that everyday users of Windows can use CM+ to perform version control and configuration management options without having to learn a new tool. The technology is currently supported for CM+ but will also be extended to support CM tools of Neuma's competitors in the future.

CM+ is Neuma's flagship Configuration Management product, and the most advanced CM product commercially available. Neuma has focused on integrating CM+ with third party tools over the last few years, and this is yet another component of that integration effort.

Neuma's President and CEO Joe Farah commented, "We'll continue to evolve this technology to make it just right for anyone who needs version control of their files, including lawyers, accountants, technical writers and web masters. As we continue to push ease-of-use issues in one of the most complex application domains, we expect to offer solutions to a much wider audience than the traditional development role."

The Workspace technology makes use of the de facto standard Source Code Control (SCC) interface adopted by many CM vendors. By going this route, Neuma has left the door open to permitting its Workspace plugin to run not only with CM+ but with any competitive tool which supports the SCC interface.

A file in the user's workspace directory has the traditional Neuma windmill logo and an optional check-out status modifier added to the normal icon for the file. Such files (and directories) have additional operations associated with them allowing check-in and check-out operations among others.