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Neuma Technology Inc. provides the world's most advanced solution to manage the automation of the software development lifecycle.
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Covaro Deploys CM+ in Three Days

Richardson, Texas - December 7, 2002 - Covaro Networks selected and deployed Neuma Technology's CM+ Enterprise Edition to its entire development team in three days. The deal provided Covaro with licenses, training, consulting, and support as the telecom company continues its agressive growth in an otherwise cautious telecom environment.

"CM+ came to mind right away because we had used it at a previous company in the mid '90s," says Ross Jamieson, VP Engineering at Covaro. "Last year, in my previous company, we tried to deploy another vendor's solution because we wanted to 'do things right'. This was a costly mistake. After 9 months, we were far from where we wanted to be in integrating their Problem Tracking and Configuration Management solutions."

"This stuff is amazing," says Mike Mezeul, Director, Software Development, "We got an evaluation copy in September. It looked good. We planned a 3-day visit by Neuma for the first week of November. They came in, helped us to set up our repository, bulk loaded in our existing software, problem reports, documentation and staff information, gave us 2 days of CM Manager training, did a couple of hours of end-user training, configured the process to our specifications, and voila - we're up and running with it. The same week! We are extremely happy."

The small footprint and low administration of CM+ helped Covaro to be up and running in minutes. After a few customizations to their processes, about a thousand software modules were loaded in just a few minutes and Covaro was ready to start end-user training. Neuma and Covaro spent a couple of hours customizing the end user training and then presented it to the users who started using CM+ the next day. The long setup, consulting, conversion and training costs typical of other solutions were avoided.

"A couple of us already had confidence in both the CM+ product and Neuma's technical support from previous experience," added Jamieson, "But they've really streamlined this product. The CM+ tool suite shipped out of the box with all of our present and future application requirements fully integrated. This was in sharp contrast to the previous tool suite which would have required months of high-risk integration work and a further investment down the road."

Covaro is using CM+ in a mixed environment consisting of Solaris and Windows platforms, with hardware and software developers as technical users, along with a number of management and executive users.